Crossfit-How do you start/How much does it cost

A lot of people have been asking me about how to start/how it works/how much it costs so I figured I’d post it all here for anyone who is interested.

What it is:  CrossFit is a strength and conditioning system that re-introduces personal athletic achievement and performance to training.  The Crossfit Community has taken what works best from the most efficient sports and movements including:

  • Gymnastics where you have the strongest pound for pound athletes,
  • Olympic Weightlifting where you have the fastest and
  • Sprinting and rowing

and eliminated what doesn’t to become a very effective fitness program. Through a code of fitness that develops 10 generally recognized physical skills with functional movements at a high intensity with constant variance, each workout is able to elicit a maximal Neuro Endocrine response. This “Code” addresses the fitness of the elderly as well as that of an elite athlete – the only difference being load and intensity need to be scaled for the individual.  Crossfit is also known as being the sport of fitness as it reintroduces a sense of personal achievement and accomplishment to working out.

How to start:  First step is to come in for an intro session.  The intro session is free and lasts 1 hr.  It starts off with a brief introduction of what crossfit is all about, how it works and what we are trying to accomplish.  Then we just do a basic fitness evaluation where we just look at your flexibility, stamina and strength and finally run you through a small 4 minute workout to give you a flavour of what crossfit is all about.  The whole purpose of this first day is for you to get a better idea of what crossfit is all about and for me to get a better idea of where you are at to be able to tailor future workouts (crossfit is all about using progressions to do more work in less time so this first day just helps find that starting point).

Then everyone needs to complete 10-15 personal training sessions to learn the functional movements, technique and develop your power, speed and stamina.  Nutrition and lifestyle information/advice is also provided within these sessions.  Once you are above a baseline level then you can either choose to continue with personal training or enter group classes.  

Times:  Personal training can be held anywhere from 6am to 9pm 7 days a week.  Group classes are 6am, 7am, 8am, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm Monday-Friday and 11am Saturday.

Cost:  The cost for 1 on 1 personal training is $65/session, 2 on 1 personal training $45/session, larger group/family rates can also be provided.  Group classes are $150/month for unlimited classes or $20/class drop in rate.

Benefits to be expected: In addition to becoming healthier and feeling more energised in your everyday life, benefits that can be expected include increased hip and shoulder mobility, coordination, agility, speed, strength and stamina.

Any other questions just let me know!

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  • bonnie


    Do you give a military discount?

  • Pompitup64

    So with crossfit you can’t go in and work out by yourself?

  • Ross

    does cost differ from gym to gym?

  • Rick

    you dont pay for a membership like a gym. you pay for a trainer so you dont f every movement